The hand and wrist TECHNIQUES are beneficial for the related joints.
They also relieve tension caused by prolonged writing, typing and so on.



Sit in the base position or a cross-legged pose. Hold both arms straight in front of the body at shoulder level. Open the hands, palms down, and stretch the fingers as wide apart as possible. Close the fingers to make a tight fist with the thumbs inside. The fingers should be slowly wrapped around the thumbs. Again open the hands and stretch the fingers. Repeat 10 times.

BREATHING Inhale on opening the hands. Exhale on closing the hands.
AWARENESS On the stretching sensation and movement, and the breath.



Remain in the base position or a cross-legged pose. Stretch the arms in front of the body at shoulder level. Keep the palms open and fingers straight throughout the entire practice. Bend the hands backward from the wrists as if pressing the palms against a wall with the fingers pointing toward the ceiling. Bend the hands forward from the wrists so that the fingers point toward the floor. Keep the elbows straight throughout the practice. Do not bend the knuckle joints or fingers. Bend the hands up again for the next round. Repeat 10 times.

BREATHING Inhale with the backward movement. Exhale with the forward movement.
AWARENESS On the movement in the wrist joint and stretching of the forearm muscles, and the breath.



Remain in the base position or a comfortable cross-legged pose, but keep the back straight.

STAGE 1 Extend the right arm forward at shoulder level. Make a loose fist with the right hand, with the thumb inside. This is the starting position. Slowly rotate the fist about the wrist, ensuring that the fist faces downward throughout the rotation. The arms and elbows should remain perfectly straight and still. Make as large a circle as possible. Practise 10 times clockwise and 10 times anti-clockwise. Repeat the same with the left fist.

STAGE 2 Extend both arms in front of the body with the fists loosely clenched. Keep the arms straight and at shoulder level. Rotate the fists together in the same direction. Practise 10 times in each direction.

STAGE 3 Practise as in stage 2. Rotate the fists in opposite directions. Practise 10 times in each direction.

Text: Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha
Swami Satyananada Saraswati
Yoga Publications Trust, Munger, Bihar, India
Illustrations: Elly-Lynne Tiburcio