Hi, they call me Elly :)

QUALIFICATIONS  200hr RYT Yoga Alliance, Rishikesh Yog Peeth, India BA(Hons) Illustration, Southampton Solent University, UK  Currently studying Pilates with Polestar Pilates, UK I also have a slight obsession with lifting…

200hr RYT Yoga Alliance, Rishikesh Yog Peeth, India
BA(Hons) Illustration, Southampton Solent University, UK

Currently studying Pilates with Polestar Pilates, UK
I also have a slight obsession with lifting…

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I can talk for hours.
You can read for hours.
But without practise,
you will never know the capabilities of THE body.
Give yourself time & space
to experiment.

What is Yoga?

Yoga means to join. The joining is described in spiritual terms as the union of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. On a more practical level, Yoga is a means of balancing and harmonising the body, mind and emotions. Yoga consists of postures and techniques which provide the body with a state of being in which one can remain physically and mentally steady, calm, quiet and comfortable. They can be dynamic or static and they cultivate awareness, relaxation, concentration and meditation. Part of this process is the development of good physical health by stretching, massaging and stimulating the energy channels and internal organs.”

People of all age groups, male and female can practise Yoga.

I will safely guide you through individual and sequential postures/techniques. These postures and techniques enable awareness of the body to be able to move freely and easily in day-to-day life by creating strong foundations in an individuals' strength and flexibility. They will also complement other styles of Yoga. It is movement and breath in its simplest form. Back to basics.

A class which contain the following: joint mobility; a digestive/abdominal technique; an energy block posture; a standing posture; a round of "Salutations to the Sun"; a balance; a forward bend; a backward bend; a spinal twist; the option to take part in an inversion with a 3-5 minute final relaxation period at the end.

First time coming to Yoga?

Start becoming aware of how the joints feel and how they move throughout the day as all of the techniques and postures in Yoga start with having this subtle awareness of the body. Feeling nervous? It’s normal. Know that everyone is different. Experiment and have fun playing with the movement. See what the body can do and go from there. Pluck up the courage and see if it works for you! You never know until you try. The classes are relaxed and non-competitive. Beginners may find their muscles stiff at first, but after several weeks of regular practice they will be surprised to find that their muscles are more supple. Give it time. Cheesy, but it all happens when it’ll happen.

what are the benefits of yoga?

To name a few things… a toned and strong anatomy, increased awareness, flexible body and mind, stress reduction, expanded lungs, improved bodily functions, ability to cope in a chaotic world, internal and external cleansing, good health and strong immune system, beauty, radiance, increased opportunity, a state of well being, strength of character and the overall healing of mind, body and soul.

Enjoy the movement, breathe, ask QUESTIONS. TAKE the practise seriously. don’t take yourself seriously!

“During practice it is better to wear loose, light and comfortable clothing. The stomach should be empty and to ensure this, please allow at least three or four hours after food. Remove spectacles, wristwatches and any jewellery. Never exert undue force while doing the postures and techniques. “

Please contact me prior coming to class if you have any injuries, health concerns or are pregnant (see bottom of the page for more details.)

If you’re looking for 1 to 1 or small group sessions, please see the PRIVATE SESSIONS page. I am also available if you’d like to run a one off class for an event or if you run a business and would like to run Yoga classes for you and your staff.

If you are a Yoga teacher or have a studio space, I am also available for cover. Message me directly for availability.

Come to a class and see if my teaching style suits you. Every one is different and if there is another style you would like to pursue/would like to try out other classes with other teachers/find classes nearer to you, I recommend Yoga Oxford as they have an up to date list of teachers, classes and descriptions of the various styles of Yoga around Oxford.


“The divine in me honours the divine in you. Aum.”



A few projects/companies/groups/events.


Lunas Dance Project is a contemporary dance company based in Oxford created to explore experiences, emotions and sensations through defined, connected and flexible movements. Strong, fluid lines and a fragile periphery. With an eye-catching energy and dynamic, Lunas creates a cultural conversation between the choreographer, dancers and audience, enriching the community and generating an atmosphere of exchange and interaction. Lunas is a company you can connect with. Experiences. Sensations. Pure dance. Check out Eleonora Aldegheri’s timetable for classes all around Oxfordshire for all ages and levels. She also runs open company classes if you are looking to get involved with the project with upcoming performances. I gained much knowledge, strength, awareness and artistry through her classes and cannot recommend them enough!

yoga festival

Check out Rachel Cox’s Om & Bass Festival for a weekend full of workshops, fun, love and wellbeing for all ages and abilities. Discover what the body was made for not only through Yoga, but through dance, meditation, martial arts and art. Expect awesome entertainment from live reggae bands and DJs when the sun goes down! Weekend and day tickets available.


If you’re looking for something different, Lady Boss’ Events present THE RUNWAY SHOW. Laure Loutala’s AFROShow celebrates Africa in fashion and diversity, promoting and sharing African and African-inspired design talent. They are showcased not only locally, but internationally as well, supporting them in building a sustainable business that is globally recognised and promotes community change. Independent designers. A team of models from across Europe. Make-up. Hair. Photography. Red carpet. Entertainment. Catwalks. Dress to impress.


Stefan Tiburcio is a London based artist fascinated in the simple moments experienced within his day-to-day activities. Through both observational drawing and memory, he explores the interrelationships between rhythms, compositional structure and space within his static and animated work. His work is INCREDIBLE.

Molly Amber is an Oxfordshire based resin and fluid art artist up-cycling local furniture and creates her own jewellery. She is also available for custom pieces. Using the universe and the ocean as inspiration for the patterns, her pieces come out with a beautiful glass-like finish. Please see below and check out her Etsy Shop for more of her work.